The Mighty Chorus

David & Nicole Binion

David & Nicole Binion's new single inspired by the book of Revelation, 'The Mighty Chorus'

David & Nicole Binion introduce new single 'The Mighty Chorus', written with Mitch Wong. The song is based on Revelation 5 and how our mandate - our earthly assignment as worshipers - is to draw others into the presence of the Lord, singing "the mighty chorus". After Jesus, the Lamb, takes the scroll from the One seated on the throne, there is explosive worship in heaven, which David & Nicole Binion mirror with compelling and inclusive praise. Every creature in heaven and on earth is part of the song and sound of heaven, "The Might Chorus gives the language and the opportunity to be part of that song," says David. The Texas-based couple encourage us by reminding us that each time we come boldly before the throne of God with humble and undivided hearts in authentic worship, we tap into dimensions and dynamics of God’s presence. "This is not just a prediction of worship in some future reality [but] an empowering for the people of God to experience Heaven on earth now," David concludes.

David & Nicole - The Mighty Chorus

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